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The hot rod sheave is awesome great low end and top end worth every dollar. I`m glad I did it. Will buy from Nikki and James again soon

Hank, from oregon

Thanks JBS for the great sheave. Brewis helped me install it, and what a difference!! Couldn`t be happier with clutch work. My machine is now faster and much more responsive. Thanks again JBS!

Kastle, Colorado

I have ordered many items for my 660 and the customer service is second to none and these folks have my recommendation for anything rhino. If you ever need advice or any type of technical support or even to chat they are always willing to spend the time to understand and help resolve all problems and lend a caring ear. You Guys Are Great!!!!! Thanks

Scott L, The Great State of Wyoming

Hello I just wanted to say thanks for all the help and advise. When my
parts arrived it was like Christmas morning, I installed parts on
Saturday took it for a ride and the difference unbelievable. I`m a big
guy 300# and my buddy that rides shotgun sometimes isn`t much smaller
before I was going back and forth from low and high in diffent terrain
but now I can just leave in high and hammer down. Thanks again guys
you just got a new loyal customer. Have a great day!

Scott Przybylski, -

Purchased my Rhino back in November of 2013 and when I asked the guys on the forums what was the best thing I could do to my Rhino, all 20 posts said "JBS Sheave!!" So I contacted James, gave him the run down on my Rhino. He hooked me up on a great price and now I can`t believe I`m driving the same machine!! This thing is unbelievable!! Now I understand what all of the fuss is about!! Thank you Nikki and James for your great service and products, you`ve made me an addict for life!! Count on my future business.

Mark, Going Broke Speed

I purchased my JBS Sheave after a ton of research on a bunch of different forums and Google and I can say that I`m very impressed with the difference this thing made WOW! I can now do things in high range that I use to have to do in low range. Damn good Customer service and good people. Thanks James & Nikki you guys ROCK!!

Dusty, mine

JBS performance has once again amazed me. Most known for their famous designed Rhino sheave kit, They have expanded their line of products to better serve all of the SXS community. With their "Trail Tested" designs they have definitely raised the standard for off road performance and comfort.Not just "good ideas" but true modifications that have been tested until satisfying the need,then offering You that product at a reasonable price ! Thanks a bunch JBS !

TheLogger, none

Not only is James` sheave the best bang for buck and best on the market but you won`t find any better customer service.I can only imagine his call volume. lol I`ll most definitely have his 787 in my Rhino in the future.It`s hard to find anyone that will put any R&D forth to develop a good product these days.We live in a world of throw away garbage but I believe James loves his job as I do and will stop at nothing to put a good product out there.Keep up the awesome job JBS!

Jason Baxter, Baxter Built Fabrications

"When you play in the Rocky Mountains, there is nothing more refreshing than the performance that comes with installing the JBS Hot Rod Sheave. What an improvement over the factory performance. If there is one single thing you can do to enhance a Yamaha Rhino or ATV, dollar for dollar, it would be the JBS Hot Rod Sheave. JBS and crew can walk you throught about any techincal issue you have with installation or trouble shooting problems with your machine. Damn good folks and a personal customer service that has long been lost with most other retailers. If you need OEM or performance parts call JBS for the best prices and good ole service with parts shipped fast. From the Cowboy State; Let`em Buck! "


as a former owner of another brand of sxs, when I went Rhino (having ridden with James and Nikki) I knew a 37 mph Rhino wasn`t going to get it. Put 8 miles on it out at my hunting land and then took it to Mt Hope and dropped it off.  three weeks later (that was as soon as I could get back) the wizard of mt hope had done the sheave, that spring thing he does (I am not mechanically inclined--well not for the last couple of decades) stage one cam and the throttle body reworked. Hump has the same set up on his 2012. wow.............I can run with a rzr or rzr s from 0 to 40. 40 to 59 they are pulling away. I am thrilled with the way it runs and the power. but-----------------------yes------------there is always a but-----------------I asked myself, Heads? piston? exhaust? really------why?  well WHY F*CKING not.. lol. not saying im going hunting for rzr`s or can am`s but I sure would like ramming my front bumper up their--------------------------well you plus, the sound of a JBS motor-------------------ahhhhhhhhhh sweet. some time after THE RIDE James will do the mods and i`ll make a video of how the rhinojet runs with the new mods. honestly guys, it is really nice only being 4 hours from the wizard. lol."

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